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Take Control of Your Home

Whether you want just home audio, or you want to control your thermostat and access control while away, or you want an entire home automation system, Britech HVAC has the home automation solution for you.  Any portion of the system can always be added to and integrated.  We can design and install systems for:

  • Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation Systems
  • Lighting
  • Energry Management
  • Irrigation
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • Home Audio and AV systems

Hi-Fi 2 Home Audio

Bring Life and atmosphere to each room in your home with the HiFi 2 Home Audio system.  Play any audio source anywhere.  Adjust the sound settings, source, and volume from the decor wall plates.  Connect your phone to the Bluetooth and play from your phone to everywhere in the house or one room - everything can be accessed from the free app on android and iOS.  The HiFi 2 Home Audio is available in 3 sizes:

  • 4-Zone, 4 Source - 40W per channel
  • 8 Zone, 8 Source - 50W per channel
  • 16 Zone, 16 Source - 50W per channel

Energy, Lighting & Security

Owning a home is costly and Britech HVAC is here to help keep that energy bill down.  

  • Programmed schedules for Heating and Cooling
  • Control and check on your lights and locks when you're away.  
  • Integrate your security alarm system so your lights operate on a schedule when away.
  • Receive text notifications when your family members enter their security codes.

Use your security events to trigger automation actions in your home.  You come home to a warm house and enter your security code, based on the time of day and year, the lights dim to the appropriate level and your favorite music starts playing. 

Tired of Searching For The Right Remote?

With modern technology everything has a remote, and just to watch a movie, you have to find all of them and turn everything on and to the right setting. With the Bitwise Audio/Video Controller, Britech can automate and integrate all your equipment and custom program the touchscreen app so you press one button, and it does everything for you.  No messing around, no losing remotes.  Tuck your AV equipment away into a cabinet with the Bitwise and it all happens over your home network.